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Terms & Conditions

      1. Changes in the terms of conditions
ALARMBG maintains the right to change partly or to renew the present terms and requirements of the transactions, which take place in the online shop, according the present needs and marketable quality. In every case the users will be informed for any amendment through the “Terms and Conditions” web page of the present online shop. It is clarified that any change of conditions does not apply in orders that have taken place before the change of conditions.

    2. Provided information and products

ALARMBG is committed there for the validity of information that is presented in the present web site of the online shop. Concerning the prices and the technical specifications without prejudice to any technical or typing errors, that has escaped attention. Or occurred accidently, or because of possible closing down force majeure. All prices that are quoted in the present online shop include VAT 23%.

    3. Responsibility restrains 

ALARMBG can’t verify the availability of all products, but verifies timely information of its users about not having a product or for its possible delay in delivery of those ordered.

The electronic shop ALARMBG does not take responsibility for possible technical problems that could occur to the user and has to do with the function or the incapability of their own infrastructure. Also ALARMBG does not take any responsibility for actions or omissions of third persons and in particular unauthorized interventions of third persons in products and information that are presented in the present electronic shop.

In any case ALARMBG does not take responsibility for any damages direct or indirectly positive or not, loss of profits that occurs from the use or the incapability of use of the online shop.

It is absolutely excluded any responsibility of ALARMBG for any possible damage or loss of profit that occurs to the buyers or third persons and occurs by the inappropriate function or failure of the product whether the warranty applies or not, or from the pause of the construction for any components from the manufacture.  It is absolutely excluded any responsibility of ALARMBG requirements from third persons coming from the above causes. In any case the amount of the issued invoice of ALARMBG it is the limited amount compensation for damage.

The electronic shop can possible have links to third websites only for information’s. The link to third websites does not mean adoption of any opinions or actions or acceptation of the contents that is expressed, published, or posted by them. Responsible according to the low are carriers of the websites and they carry full responsibility for any damage comes from their use. The user accepts that visiting websites of thirds carriers lives the website of ALARMBG and is subjected to the terms of those.

    4. Intellectual property rights

All of contend from the present website that is posted by Isaw.gr consists intellectual property and is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European law.

Possible reproduction, re-issued, download, announcement, dissemination or transmission or for any other use of its content in any other way or as a mean for commercial use or any other purposes  is allowed only if there is writhen  permeation from ALARMBG or any other legal entitled of the above intellectual property.

    5. Obligations and users responsibility

User accept not to use the online shop of Isaw.gr for reproduction, re-issued, download, announcement, dissemination or transmission in other ways  of contend that is illegal , harmful, threatening, offensive, annoying, defamatory, obloquy, indecent, is violation of privet privacy of thirds, saws prejudice or racial – national – or any other discriminations, could cause any damages in any way, is not entitled to be transmitted according to the law or the compatible or administrating relations, violates any property association of thirds, contains software viruses or other codes, files or programs that has been designed in order to interrupt, cause damage or to blocking the function of any software or hardware, deliberately or unintentionally violates the present Greek and European laws and the provisions of this, may harass thirds in any way and with any content used for collection or personal data storage.

    6. Security

ALARMBG acknowledges the importance to the security of your personal data as well as your electronic transactions and takes all the appropriate measurements in the most modern methods, in order to ensure the maximum possible security. All the information that is relevant to your personal data and transactions are secured and confidential.

    7. Protection of personal data and transactions confidential

Compliance to the privacy policy goes without saying. The basic rules that govern the classic transactions applies and in the electronic trade. All the information that is transmitted by the user is considered confidential and ALARMBG has taken all the appropriate measurements so that its use will be done under the supplied services.

When an order is made, we will require your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and in case you would like to receive an invoice you need to provide us the corresponding data (company name, occupation, residence, VAT number).

Any personal data you declare anywhere on the pages of the online store and finished transactions is kept only for improving service provision and to ensure a proper function of the respective service and it is not allowed to be used by any third part except the competent authorities provided by the law.

In every moment the user has the right to be informed or to object for further processing of data according to the existing legislation form protection of personal data.

    8. Order

In order to purchase a product from our online store you must be over 18 years old and not to be under judicial support as for the conclusion sales contract.

You may order all of our products with the following way:

    a. Through our web site   www.alarmbg.com 24 hours a day. When you find the products that you’re interested in, you may choose for each of them to be added to the shopping cart and follow the simple instructions given on screen and fulfill the form with your data and then complete your order.

    9. Payments

The ways of payments are the following:

a. With cash on delivery

b. With deposit in domestic account

c. With deposit in foreign account

If you choose this way, the payment will be made to the carrier company.

    10. Guarantee and replacement of products

Our company offers guarantee for the products purchased by our e-shop for exactly the same time and with exactly the same terms that the manufacturer places. Specifically is applied all that is registered for every product.

Returns of the products purchased are acceptable only if our company is informed by email at:  info@alarmbg.com or phone call at +35988999421. For any complain about defective products please refer the order information, the invoice number and the shipping number describing it in detail.

    11. Right of withdrawal

If you wish to return for any reason the products purchased please inform us at the email info@alarmbg.com or phone call at +35988999421 refer the order information, the invoice number and the shipping number describing it in detail.

    12. Reservation of title

Reservation of title of all products purchased by our e-shop is transferred to the buyer only if you have completely paid off with any of the acceptable ways of payment their full value.

    13. Newsletter

Our company periodically sends newsletters and makes every possible effort for its delivery to your mail box. Despite all that it’s possible that this newsletter could end up in the junk mail so please check regularly that it’s not stored there. In case you do not wish to receive newsletter you may unsubscribe totally from the newsletter system of ALARMBG if you inform us by email at info@alarmbg.com or phone call at +35988999421. If you have made an order from our e-shop, we automatically send you informational email about the progress of your order and there is no way to deactivate them because their sending is part of the correct progress of your order. Please make sure that you receive these emails and maintain them throughout the course of our transaction. It is your obligation in case you don’t receive this email, according to the terms that govern our dealings, to inform us without delay.